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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  September 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> we're following a developing story on this wednesday, september 2nd. >> a driver hit and killed a man on a new castle county roadway. >> police arrest a man for touching a young girl who was standing in line for a ride at a new jersey amusement park. >> teachers will be working for free when school starts today for a cash strapped district in delaware county. >> good morning everyone, it is 4:30 on this wednesday. let's turn to meteorologist karen rogers in for david and matt pelman for traffic. good morning. >> good morning. the heat, the humidity, it all continues today and tomorrow, too. so, not talking boy an end to that just yet but take a look right now.
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we do have some patchy fog that's causing issues and reduced visibility right now. .3 of a mile, that's pretty low here in millville and in atlantic city airport, wildwood near zero. that's the visibility in beach haven so particularly dense along the coastline. 6-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport. enough that you just want to call ahead. 3-mile visibility in wilmington, 94 reading, just something to watch for this morning with some patchy low clouds. let's look at these numbers its already 67 in martins creek, 67 pottstown, 68 warrington, 74 in center city, 69 in browns mills, 69 in dover delaware, very warm to start you off. satellite6 and action radar showing we'll see some clouds mixing with the sunshine but we're staying dry today. no relief from the heat. 93 for your high with some patchy fog early on. otherwise, you'll see sunshine and clouds. so, when do we get an ends to this heat wave number five? and how about heat wave number six? are you ready for that? all the details in the accuweather forecast. >> but who is counting? you
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are. all right, good morning to you karen. good morning, everybody. as is often the case at this early hour, our major problem on the roadways is construction and we've got some of it here on the northeast philadelphia bucks county line along 95 southbound. if you look way in the distance there you can see the restriction in the southbound lanes, just the left lane open to traffic coming off of woodhaven road headed down toward academy road. these crews should be out of here within the next half hour. and this is the vine street expressway. again, they were working here westbound overnight by broad street. still taking out the right lane. same situation. the crews should clear within the next half hour and this was scheduled to be the last night of this construction until after the papal visit so after tonight, you should be good to go until october on the vine street expressway. fingers crossed on that. burlington bristol bridge, triple b upright for a bridge opening for a northbound ship f you're headed out in the next couple minutes head for the turnpike connector bridge instead. in egg harbor township we have a downed pole and wires this morning along fire road near
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dowdy road there by american diving supply. i think route nine and delilah road would be better bets. washington avenue of course closing during the day again today from 7:00 to 5:30. mill road eastbound remains blocked for long term conduction. and it's a huge day in atlantic city with the big air show going on from about 11:00 to 4:00 so throughout the next few hours we'll talk about the restrictions, we'll talk about the extra volume, we'll talk about how to beat some of that traffic coming up as the morning continues. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. we've got some breaking news coming from monmouth county a fire broke out in the middle of the night killing three members of a family. this was the scene just after midnight on joline avenue in long branch. a fourth resident of the home is in critical condition right now at monmouth medical center. police officers tried to gain access to the home but the flames they said were just too intense. they said that the entire home was being consumed by fire. we know that two adults and two children if the same family lived in this home. authorities have not yet
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identified the victims. we'll continue to update on this breaking story throughout the morning on "action news." and develop in new castle county delaware a driver hit and killed a man on the street. this happened around 9:30 last night on the 500 block of east basin road in new castle. the victim died at the hospital a short time after the crash. the driver did stop near the scene. police closed the road for a few hours to investigate. all lanes are back opened this morning. >> happening today, students in the chester-upland school district head back to school. teachers will be waiting for them even though they will not be paid for their work. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at chester high school with that story. katherine. >> reporter: matt, teachers, parents, community leaders will be here in a couple hours to welcome students back to schools across the district including here at the high school and they're also going say a big thank you to the employees who continue to work even though they don't know when they're going to get paid next. last week teachers and support staff voted unanimously to
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keep working even though the district wasn't going to be able to make payroll on september 9th. the vote came after a judge rejected a financial recovery plan that would cut funding to special education students at charter schools in the district. the chester-upland school district had been in and out of financial trouble for 25 years and it's currently under state control. about half the students in the district attend charter schools. the school district receives roughly $16,000 from the state for children with learning disabilities but is required to give $40,000 for each of those students. educators here are calling on state lawmakers to fix the financial problems that have gripped the district for years. >> we've been here before. we've been under a great pressure for a long period of time to perform for our children and we realize that our children, we're all they have t we know we need to do these things for our children so we're going to do them. >> reporter: and a bell ringing ceremony takes place here at the high school in about three hours time and
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then it's back to class for the students. we're live in chester, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." tam. >> thank you, katherine. new this morning police in gloucester county have made an arrest in an attempted child luring case. this is a sketch of the suspect. police in washington township have taken gregory scott into custody them arrested him for the attempted luring of a child a week ago today. scott is now charged with burglary and child luring. he remains behind bars after failing to post bail. also new this morning a new york man has been charged with touching a young girl at six flags great adventure in jackson township ocean county. 21-year-old ronnie lacy of manhattan is accused of touching a 13-year-old girl while in line for the batman ride on monday afternoon. he's been charged with criminal sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child. he's behind bars after failing to post bail. >> new on "action news," the sister of the woman who prosecutors say was killed by jimmy super fly snuka is speaking out. while the former professional wrestling star posted bail hours after being arrested on
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murder charges for more than -- from more than three decades ago. back in may of 1983 snuka was attending a world wrestling federation taping at allentown fairgrounds. he says when he returned to his hotel room he found his girlfriend 23-year-old nancy argentino gasping for air. she died a few hours later. an autopsy determined she died from traumatic brain injuries. argentino also had cuts and bruises that were consistent with being struck. her family says snuka's 2012 autobiography gauge them a new path in their pursuit of justice. >> the book from cover to cover and it gave us a lot of insight into the case and things that we didn't know, things that were shocking and alarming to us, he kind of did himself in. he said in his book that he had a guilty conscience and he has to live with that. >> snuka is now 72 and living in atco, camden county. he has long maintained his innocence. >> developing right now an
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intense manhunt is going on in illinois for the three men wanted for killing al veteran police officer. the shooting of that officer happened yesterday in a quiet town north of chicago and this is the fourth time in nine days nationwide that an officer has been killed. abc's bazi kanani reports. >> reporter: swat teams descend on a suburban neighborhood armed police moving through the streets on rooftops and in backyards with k-9s. >> send everybody you possibly can. officer is down. >> reporter: the massive manhunt continues this morning for three armed suspects after veteran police officer joe glenowitz was gunned down. the attack just before 8:00 a.m. when he reported seeing three suspicious people in an industrial part of fox lake illinois about 60 miles north of chicago. police last heard from gliniewicz when he radioed to say he was chasing them.
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>> fled from the scene taking the officer's firearm and pepper spray. shots were fired. >> reporter: he was a 32 year veteran of the force, just weeks from retirement a father of four. >> tonight not only did fox lake lose a family member, i lost a very dear friend. >> reporter: he is now the fourth officer in less than two weeks slain on duty. in harris county, texas friday a-deputy was shot 15 times at a gas station while fueling his car. and in louisiana, funerals last week for a trooper shot in the head while trying to help a stranded driver and for another officer shot while responding to a reported stabbing. so far this year the number of officers killed on duty in the u.s. is down from last year, but this recent spate of killings has law enforcement officials concerned and saddened. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. >> an eagles legend steps in and savers the day after burglars dampen the spirits of young athletes in
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philadelphia. former quarterback ron jaworski charity jaws youth playbook has donated thousands of dollars of equipment to the frankford chargers. thieves made off with helmets, shoulder pads and other equipment. jaworski says he couldn't imagine the children being unable to play because of the thefts. the chargers went undefeated last year and wop the 2014 american youth football national championship in florida. >> way to go. it is 4:40. still to come on "action news," two federal agencies say you may not be getting enough information when you go to book a flight or hot technological room. >> the atlantic city air show takes flight today. we will give you a pilot's view from a rehearsal. karen. >> that's really cool. 74 degrees right now in philadelphia. not so cool. in fact, it's warm and muggy. not going to be cool for a long time. details on that in the seven-day forecast coming up.
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>> happening today, it's the atlantic city air show. go pro video shows an up close and personal fly along with the geico sky typers out of long island as they rehearsed yesterday. the sky typers fly vintage world two plains. this year the blue angels are back for the first time since
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2006. >> clear skies for it drown at the beach, karen? >> yeah, it's going to be great. early on this morning we've got some fog, that should be lingering until maybe 8 o'clock at the latest. >> it starts at 11:00. >> yes, you'll have nice clear skies. it will be hot but terrific down there. >> i love the air show. that was really cool video. let's take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan, we we have no weather worries as far as precipitation. go on down to atlantic city if you can and check it out. let's go on outside right now and see what it looks like this morning. sky6 looking live in atlantic city and we can see a hinder osee a hint ofthat fog so watchf you're headed out very early this morning. 74 degrees the current number, the dewpoint is 70. yeah, it feels sticky out there. the winds are calm and the barometric pressure is holding steady t satellite6 and action radar so we have a few clouds that are moving in but we're going to see a good amount of sunshine today. it's going to be a pretty one although hot and humid once again. hot and humid, some patchy fog early on, 93 degrees for your
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high today. partly cloudy skies tonight and staying really warm and muggy in the overnight hours, 74 for the low. it is a big day for the atlantic city air show. it's going to be mostly sunny, humid. you've got an afternoon sea breeze so stick it out the whole day and it will be a great place to beat the heat with only 83 degrees for your high. so a-great day for the air show. september heat is here. so, we're talking about the first week in september, temperatures staying well above average. heat wave number five. you can see we've got high pressure in control that continues to give us the hot and rather sunny conditions here. the humidity maybe not oppressive this afternoon but you're feeling it. 93 degrees for your high today. it's hot and humid. tomorrow even hotter, 95. friday it's still humid even though weary diving the temperature quite a bit to 86 degrees. it's not feeling very comfortable early in the morning when you travel on friday watch for some scattered light showers that may be through the area. a back door cold front slips through the region and you really feel the difference for the weekend. so, saturday it's refreshing. no problems at all heading to the temple game.
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83 degrees for your high. on sunday, the heat returns. we don't get much of a break here. 90 degrees for your high but the humidity is not too bad so you can really enjoy it and kind of a last hurrah for a lot of people on labor day weekend and monday's hot and sunny, 91 degrees so feeling pretty good for you. tuesday we're looking at mostly sunny skies and anyone two. so normally this time of year we would have a high about 83 degrees and as we look at the seven-day forecast, we could see temperatures well above average every day as we're leading into this. we're done with -- we're into heat wave number five currently and it looks like we're kind of borderline looking at a heat wave number six at the end of the seven day period so heat keeps on coming, people. >> so, tomorrow's show we'll do in it bathing suits. >> you can start. i won't be doing that. [laughter] >> me, neither. >> i'll be watching. secretary of state john kerry will be in philadelphia making the case for the administration's nuclear deal with iran in a speech at the national constitution center.
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bob casey and delaware democrat chris coons joined another democrat delaware senator tom carper to announce their support of the deal yesterday. pennsylvania republican pat toomey and new jersey democrat bob menendez are on the other side opposed to the deal. new jersey democrat cory booker is the only one of our local senator who's has not yet revealed his position. the senate vote on approving or rejecting the deal is expected next month. >> time for your first look at business here at the big board. the number of air bags recalled because they could potentially explode has been lowered. the national traffic highway safety administration says there are 23.4 million instead of 34 million of the recalled air bags in american cars but that's still a huge number, right? japanese company takata produced the air bags. the seesawing continues on wall street. yesterday saw another day of big losses and futures point to a slight rebound at the opening bell. but that has changed in the past. two federal agencies say consumers should get more up front information when booking
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flights and hotels. one group wants airlines to expose ticket changes cancellation fees and the size of a plane's seats before you book. a second federal agency says hotels are adding resort and other fees to bills even though consumers say they weren't informed about them when they booked rooms. google has a new logo with a new font and they do a little chalkboard thing here that's pretty cool. watch this. it's called product sand. that's the fonder. the font is meant to represent the printing in a grade school book. >> do you like the new or the old? >> they change it so often it's hard to really get used to it. that sort of looks cool. >> okay, all right. >> fun. >> it's 4:48. coming up on "action news" a surprise delivery in an uber car for a baby who was just too impatient for man man traffic. >> up next, two south jersey dads receive their sentence for a brawl outside a youth softball game.
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>> ♪ >> you know, some like it hot and for them, well, this is going to be another day for them. it's going to be hot and humid out there again today but this morning even though it's muggy we don't have a lot of issues for you on the roadways. pretty quiet start aside from some construction so let's check those zones.
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there was one here on the westbound side of the vine street expressway, 676 by broad street. you may be able to see, it's kind of obscured by the overpass but the crew is still out there taking out the right lane. should be clear any time but for now stay t to your left traveling west on the vine. this is the ramp from woodhaven road to the southbound side of 95. they're still backing up and picking up their cones here along 95, so little bit of congestion on the ramp but again, these crews, too, should be clear shortly. same with the crews on the pennsylvania turnpike but for now westbound between willow grove and virginia drive the right lane is out of commission. wrapping up an opening at the burlington bristol bridge triple b early this morning, that should be available to you once again in just a couple minutes and that downed pole in egg harbor township that was blocking fire road there by american marine supply, well, that's pretty much all out of the way so go ahead and use that again. matt. >> thank you, matt. brawl outside a youth softball game has earned two south jersey fathers one year of probation each. "action news" first showed you the video shot in maryland back in july. officials say it shows michael barbella of ventnor of michael
4:53 am
duffy of mays landing fighting after the game. clearly it does. police say their daughters used to play together and that barbella drove to the tournament to confront duffy about an ongoing dispute concerning the teen. in addition to one year probation both fathers have been fined $100. philadelphia city councilman curtis jones is encouraging parents to join the million father march. the movement urges fathers to accompany their children to the first day of school and to continue taking an active role in their children's educational success. this year's effort resumes on tuesday september 8th which is the day public schools open in philadelphia. >> burlington county is home to two of the top dock diving dogs in the country. the dock at ginny and brian beadling's medford lakes cabin has become a launching pad for their dogs. pooch is the number one short hair point in the country for big air. cello is ranked number one for iron dog, the canine equivalent of a triathlon.
4:54 am
they're judged on how long high and fast they jump. >> that was a good one. >> look at that one. >> 4:53. we're following a breaking story. man was shot and killed while sitting in his car in chester overnight. details coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> next up police say it was a tragic accident. a teen taking a selfie with a gun shoots and kills himself. "action news" will be back in just a moment. >> ♪ blank is struggling ♪ mom
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♪ to get the skates just right ♪ now she's holding on for dear life ♪ announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. thousands of siblings in foster care will take you just as you are. >> ♪ >> new this morning, police in
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houston, texas, say a teenager accidentally shot and killed himself while posing for selfies with a gun. investigators say 19-year-old deleon smith had found the gun and was posting photos on social media. the young father levers behind two small daughters ages one and three. his grandmother says he was about to start classes at a community college. >> new on "action news" an uber car turned into a delivery room during rush hour traffic in manhattan. the driver picked up a hoboken new jersey woman who was already in labor. the car got stuck in traffic inside the lincoln tunnel and the baby said now is the time. the driver flags down emt's and police and collectively within minutes they delivered a healthy baby girl in the back seat of the car without any complications. >> got a story to tell for life. it's 4:57. still ahead on "action news," breakfast for dinner anyone? mcdonald's is rolling out an all day breakfast menu at every restaurant in the country. details on when that's going to happen. >> the organized brawling of preschoolers land two day care
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workers behind bars. that is next on "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and
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meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning out there. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday september 2nd. we've got some breaking news. >> fire sweeps through a home along the jersey shore and despite the best efforts of police who rushed to the scene, three people are dead. >> a montgomery county woman offered to raise money to help a friend with cancer but prosecutors say what she was really up to was a scam. >> and teachers in the chester-upland school district head back to school today and they are not expecting paychecks. we are live with that story. >> but first up let's find out what you can expect in your accuweather and your traffic. dave murphy is off. karen rogers has that accuweather and matt pelman has traffic. good morning. >> good morning. as you step outside you feel that it's warm and muggy out there and all that's going to get worse. 74 degrees right now in philadelphia, 64 in allentown, 68 in millville. so at least in some of the suburbs this morning you're in the 60's. visibility is an issue here and we've got an update on this. we've dropped to 4-mile


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